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Test de WWE : wwe raw
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wwe raw

que tanto conoses de los luchadores de raw

Which of the following RAW superstars is not using their real name?
. Jeff Hardy
. Chris Masters
. Mickie James
Who lost their WWE Championship to Edge in a triple threat match on the July 3, 2006 edition of RAW?
. Rob Van Dam
. Randy Orton
. Triple H
Which of the following WWE championships has John Cena never held?
. United States Champion
. World Tag Team Champion
. World Heavyweight Champion
Which Diva's finishing move is known as "The Widow's Peak"?
. Mickie James
. Melina
. Victoria
What group was comprised of Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista & Randy Orton?
. The Corporation
. Evolution
. The Four Horseman
. Who became the first superstar to break the Masterlock on the March 19, 2006 edition of RAW?
. A. John Cena
. Bobby Lashley
. Big Show
2. What band performs RAW's current theme song, "...To Be Loved"?
. papa roch
. metalica
. sin bandera
. pink
1. Who did Umaga defeat to win his first Intercontinental championship on the February 19, 2007 edition of RAW?

. carlito
. shelton benjamin
. jeff hardy
. johnny nitro
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