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Disco :Camp rock
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Camp rock

1.- Play my music  
2.- Lets turn on that radio  
3.- As loud as it can go  
4.- Wanna dance until my feet can't feel the ground  
5.- Say goodbye to all my fears  
6.- One good song, they disappear  
7.- And nothin' in the world can bring me down  
8.- Hand clappin'  
9.- Hip shakin'  
10.- Heart breakin'  
11.- There's no fakin'  
12.- What you feel  
13.- When you're riding home,  
14.- Yeah  
15.- Music's in my soul  
16.- I can hear it  
17.- Everyday and every night  
18.- It's the one thing on my mind  
19.- Music's got control  
20.- And I'm never letting go, no, no  
21.- I just wanna play my music  
22.- Woo!  
23.- Got my six string on my back  
24.- Don't need anything but that  
25.- Everythin' I want is here with me  
26.- So forget that fancy car  
27.- I don't need to go that far  
28.- What's driving me is following my dreams, Yeah  
29.- Earth shakin'  
30.- When you're on a roll, yeah  
31.- Can't imagine what it'd be like  
32.- Without the sound of all my heroes  
33.- Singin' all my favorite songs  
34.- So I can sing along  
35.- All night long  
36.- Yeah!